Week 0

I’m a graphic designer supporting teaching at a university, in basically any way possible. I’m participating in ocTEL to try and explore further ways to try and visually enhance online courses. I am hoping that learning more about how they run and are enhanced by technology will hopefully help me to identify ways to help. From my first experience with Blackboard Collaborate, I can already see for myself, that there is the possibility to create graphics for the visual space that could aide students to get a handle on some concepts. I have previously participated in an online Coursera course, The History of the World since 1300  so I am already enjoying the easily accessible content that is now on offer.

With a background in print, advertising and website design, many people don’t realise that our primary goal, as graphic designers, is to simplify and stylise information so that it is as easy as possible for the viewer (target audience/student) to process quickly, understand and remember.

I’m interested to see what visual content is used in this course and how. I’d like to experience these interactions for myself so that I can better understand the context of the material that I have the opportunity to create. At this point I have the feeling that it would be better to use graphics and multimedia sparingly so as not to detract from the course content. As a web user, and with previous experience in website design, I am also always interested in website readability, usability and general interface design.

Looking forward to the experience!